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      Corporation Culture

      Core value: Practical & honest, Talent oritened, Stable development.

      Mission: Precious health, precious resources.

      Spirit:    Futaste is devoted to development of Green, Humanity and Technology;
                   To create Health, Energy and High value.

      Development Strategy:    
      Fulfill Futaste strategy, Extend industry chain.
      Strengthen main production, Firm core capital and enhance continuous innovation.

      Product Quality:
      Purer Polyols, Healthier Life;
      Top quality, best guarantee;
      Quality is the life power and management is the key point for ever.

      Honest & Practical, Unity & Efficient.

      Trustable and respectable, Get credit to enterprise; Green & Healthy products, Devote own lifetime.

      People-oriented principle, harmonious community construction.
      No execution, no core competition.

      HR Concept:
      Both moral and intelligence integrity, moral for the first.
      Clients relationship:
      We always consider client first when we go further.

      Technology innovation:
      Produce healthy products, benefit human being.

      Competition concept:
      We always go one step ahead of others.
      Create innovation image, and enhance power to join in global supply chain.

      Study concept:    
      Study & innovation, trust & cooperation, best & perfect, excellence pursuer.

      Work concept:    
      Work hard can only do things right, but work with heart can do things better.
      Bagatelle accomplishes great, details achieves perfect.
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